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Version 2.0

Portable Storage Unit

Version 2.0

In the workshop on Sunday, working on Version 2.0. It’s the Composite Stands Portable Storage Unit. Here you will see the wheel size has increased for improved enveloping floor imperfections. The addition of placement handles. Also, a location to store the hard stand pads. All now a part of this package and all developed with 5S principals in mind. Just wheel the unit around to the work area so your support tools are all in close range and in one place. Minimising un-utilised work time while improving workflow. 

Westrac carried out the first successful trial for Version 1.0. They are now due to commence additional trials. These will be at different locations and in different environments. Version 2.0 is now on its way to Komatsu to compliment their recent uptake of stands.

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