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True to form!

PART 2: It held up better than we expected after a week in the hot wash!

True to form!

When Brad Harriage, Service Supervisor at Hastings Deering in Toowoomba conducted the empirical testing on our jack stand. The longevity of the label was our biggest concern. Up against heat and potentially the corrosive nature of the hot wash solution.

The label, as with all of our parts, is a very important element of the framework. It not only protects the stand against UV exposure but it also holds all of the important information that is critical for its use. This information is a requirement of the Australian Standard and without it, would not comply. “Jack stands without the proper labels are not compliant with AS 2538:2016 – Clause 9”.

So, to come out squeaky clean with no signs of deterioration or stress is another win for Composite Stands. Washed by an agent called Aqueous Parts Cleaner Detergent by Transpacific Responsible Solutions. This solution is for cleaning, reusing, recycling and environmentally friendly. All in all, assisting with contamination control.

Now off to the rig for overload testing…

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