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The R&D Journey

The Commitment

R&D Journey

I just love where Research and Development (R&D) can take you once you commit to it. It has led to change and at times caused the odd bout of discomfort. Both forcing us to learn a bunch of new lessons.

The R&D journey is shaking things up and learning to embrace what doesn’t necessarily come naturally. It has resulted in growth and the maturation of our products, people and business.

Einstein said “the measure of intelligence is the ability to change”. I’m sure that he was talking about individuals in his statement. Surely the same can be said for Leadership, Management and Business.

Below is a photograph of a base for our newly developed 50-tonne capacity composite stand. This is in its manufacturing phase at a facility in South East Queensland.

This stand can be made up to 1200mm tall and weighs in at around 40kgs. For those that haven’t dealt with a 50-tonne 1200mm tall stand before, they typically weigh at least 100kgs more than that! Smarter, not harder.

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