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The Power of Composites & G.E.T.

Dozer Maintenance

The Power of Composites & G.E.T.

G.E.T. is another great example where Composite Stands are used for dozer maintenance. Although the blade assembly weighs around 15 tonne, 50 tonne stands were selected by the customer. This is because the hydraulics on the machine are used to position the blade for maintenance. When powering down, the hydraulics could load the stands with the overall weight of the machine. In this case a D11T circa 112 tonnes.

The Composite Stand is 1 m tall and weighs just 57 kg. It has a swivel head to match the angle of the arm. There is also an adapter on the base plate to connect our placement trolley. The placement trolley has a retractable handle of 1.2 to 2 m. They are lightweight and easily manoeuvrable for just one technician to place whilst keeping them out of the line of fire.

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