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In Service For 4 Years Now!

The advantages of Composite Stands

In Service For 4 Years Now!

Maintaining jack stands in a Workshop can be a costly exercise. They can also be difficult to manage not to mention time and labour intensive! Translating into 10’s of thousands of dollars per annum.

We can make a difference…

Here are some of the advantages of Composite Stands that you may like to consider:

Low maintenance requirements & low maintenance costs
No moving parts, pins, latches and chains
Significantly less manual handling & risks associated in relation
Specific application heights with up to 100mm adjustability
Trolley & hook for placement under non-supported loads
Easy to clean, store and transport
Cost effective

Help make your workplace a safer, more productive and efficient environment while reducing your maintenance costs.

Independently tested by University of Southern Queensland (USQ) and compliant with Australian Standard AS 2538:2016 and AS 2693:2007.

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