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Stay out of the line of fire with our placement hook

An ingenious solution that improves workshop safety.

Stay out of the line of fire with our Placement Hook

You asked, we listened…

A little while ago during a phone conversation with a new customer, I was asked, “So how do you place the stands under the equipment, our policy says that we can’t place anyone under an unsupported load?” I asked how it was preformed presently, he wasn’t certain. Anyway, that started me thinking, and the solution was quite simple in the end. A light placement hook that can be used to push the stand under the equipment whilst it is only supported by a Jack or crane, and can hook around the stand to pull it out from under the suspended load at the end of the job. With a simple mounting hook, it now mounts nicely onto the backing board with the stands…

And it mounts nicely onto the backing board with the Composite Stands


Composite Stands produce a robust yet extremely light weight jacking stand to safely support vehicles, machinery, vessels and equipment typically used for maintenance and/or storage purposes. Our goal is to design stands that address long-term human safety and ergonomic risks associated with stands, and in particular, higher capacity devices. For more information on our Composite Stands, please click here to request an onsite demonstration.

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