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8t | Forklift Jack Stand

8t | Forklift Jack Stand

Get your gear OFF the ground with the WORLD’S LIGHTEST 8-tonne (8,000kg) capacity Forklift Jack Stand. Sold singularly by Composite Stands.

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8t | Forklift Jack Stand weighing in at around 3kg. Specifically designed to safely jack and support Forklifts during repair and maintenance. Reducing the risk of personal injury that is related to the manual handling of jack stands.


Composite Stands are fully certified to the applicable regulatory standard: AS 2693:2007 and may be sold singularly however must be used in pairs.

As with all of our products, they go through the rigorous product inspection and testing regime that we have developed internally over several years.


  • 8-tonne (8,000kg) Working Load Limit (W.L.L.);
  • Solid steel engagement head, 100mm dia;
  • Solid steel Height Adjusting Insert (H.A.I.), 100mm dia;
  • Composite column, 89mm dia;
  • Anodised CNC machined aluminium base, 145mm dia;
  • Corrosion resistant powder coating; &
  • 10 year UV vinyl wrap.


  • 140mm <2.70 to Jack + 40mm H.A.I. <2.30kg to Support


  • Reduced risks associated with manual handling, positioning and storing;
  • Less than half the weight of other steel stands, in most cases;
  • Corrosion resistant to maximise durability, service life and reduce maintenance;
  • Increased productivity and reduced operational costs;
  • 5S storage solution to improve functionality; &
  • Height adjusting inserts without pins and latches for safer use.


  • Exceedingly lightweight;
  • Composite technology;
  • Easily stored in close proximity;
  • Global IP protection;
  • Certified to the applicable regulatory standards, AS 2693:2007;
  • Replace heavy steel stands and timber blocks; &
  • Latch and pin free height adjusting inserts.