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On The Road Again

NSW Reemerging From Lockdown

On The Road Again

It’s great for NSW to be reemerging from lockdown, allowing us to get back on the road for onsite demonstrations. First stop Nathan Colliss, Director at OTRX Corporation who is a potential distributor in Sydney.

Nathan introduced us to some of his customers Phil from Marathon Tyrescraig from Tradefaire International and Steve from Tyres 4 U who are all looking to improve jack stand safety and productivity within both their workshops and field service operations.

Meeting new customers first hand is always beneficial and especially when they are able to handle the products while we discuss potential options for their business. It also gives us a chance to answer any critical questions that may arise during the demonstration.

Pictured below with Craig is our 35t Composite Stand and Placement Trolley demo. The 25t & 50t Composite Stands were also hot topics.

Composite Stands | GET YOUR GEAR OFF the ground

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