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New Product announcement

Introducing the newest Jacking Stands to join the Composite Stands range: 15T & 20T Stands.

New Product Announcement

Following the success of the 12T, 25T and 30T stands, we have sought to fill the gap at the lower end, and are excited to announce a new product, that the 15T and 20T prototype stand has successfully undergone testing at the university of Newcastle in NSW in compliance with the requirements of Australian Stands AS2538-2004.

Presently the tooling and equipment required for the commercial manufacture is underway, and we expect to have the product available to in December 2017.

Composite Stands produce a robust yet extremely light weight jacking stand to safely support vehicles, machinery, vessels and equipment typically used for maintenance and/or storage purposes. Our goal is to design stands that address long-term human safety and ergonomic risks associated with stands, and in particular, higher capacity devices. For more information on our Composite Stands, please click here to request an onsite demonstration.