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The WORLDS LIGHTEST 75T Support Stand

High Capacity Equipment Support Stand

75 Tonne Working Load Limit, Equipment Support Stand

Composite Stands are pleased to announce that full compliance testing has recently concluded on its very high capacity Equipment Support Stand with a 75-tonne Working Load Limit. Commercial manufacture of these stands has now commenced!

WWL 75-tonne Composite Stand – 50kgs

This exciting new product has been 2+ years in the research and development phase, encompassing multiple solutions and designs to cater to the extreme loads required to pass the relevant safety standards throughout the world. The result is an extremely strong Composite Stand that exceeds all the required tests, as assessed in independent university laboratory testing. Like all of our products, this product is significantly lighter than anything else available anywhere in the world. It is so light in fact that one person can easily maneuver the stand safely in the workplace to its final location for use, with no need for forklifts or pallets or multiple supporting personnel involvement.

Some statistics of the products are as follows:

  •    They have a rated Working Load Limit of 75-tonne (75,000kilograms), our product testing has shown that they can withstand well in excess of 3 times this load – that’s in excess of 225 tonnes – without any signs of distress or failure;
  •    They are sized to suit the customer’s equipment needs, with heights generally in the range of 600mm to 1100mm
  •    The weight of each stand ranges between 35kgs-60kgs depending on the height – that is substantially less than standard steel products on the market, which can weight up to 250kgs for the same capacity stand
  •    They can be readily and safely moved about a workshop with a simple one person wheeled trolley, and they can be positioned in the final location to support equipment by simply sliding the stand into its final position.

Commercial Manufacture commencing late April 2019.   

Composite Stands Pty Ltd produces a robust yet extremely lightweight jacking stand to safely support vehicles, machinery, vessels and equipment typically used for maintenance and/or storage purposes. Our goal is to design stands that address long-term human safety and ergonomic risks associated with stands, and in particular, higher capacity devices. We also aim to reduce your operational costs by improving productivity, after all, if we can’t save you money, we don’t deserve yours.