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Manual Handling Solutions

For Technicians and Trades

Manual Handling Solutions

It’s not hard to focus on manual handling solutions for technicians and trades workers when an alarming 1 in 3 injuries to Australian workers are caused by these tasks. Surely it’s something that we all want to do better?
Trolleys are widely used to shift and move both heavy and awkward loads in the workplace. The mechanical advantage saves workers a lot of effort and avoids the manual lifting and heavy objects being carried.

However, there are a number of risks associated with pushing and pulling heavy loads. These include strain injuries to upper limbs, including wrists, arms, shoulders and the lower back.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics report on work related injuries (Jul 2017 – Jun 2018), of the 13.4 million persons in the workforce some 563,600 suffered a work related injury.

Of the total persons who had experienced a work related injury 34% (181,200) sustained their injury through lifting, pushing, pulling or bending.

These statistics demonstrate how important it is to eliminate or reduce pushing/pulling risks and hazards also. There are a number of factors that affect the push/pull effort when moving a trolley or a jack. This can include site specific/equipment characteristics and let’s not forget the combined weight of the trolley and the load.

The effort or the force that is required to initially push or pull wheeled equipment is the greatest at the start. Understanding the forces involved in manual handling tasks is important and should be considered when determining the possible hazards.

This is where we come in! Composite Stands are specifically designed to negate these risks. Their lightweight characteristics reduce the ‘starting force’ required when using our trolley with the retractable handle. The smaller capacity devices have handles to hold onto when lifting or picking up.

This all increases the value of them to your workforce and their safety not to mention improving operator performance and general productivity/efficiency while doing their job… A win-win for everyone involved!

Pictured: Paul Carman, Foreman at Hastings Deering EA Pad, Mackay who is independently moving a 50t capacity Composite Stand into place with ease.


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