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Incorporating 5S Into The Mix

Improving Organisation and Efficiency

Incorporating 5S Into The Mix

If you’re working on a workshop floor you know that it is a busy environment. More and more it is becoming essential to keep it clean and tidy. Although that can be difficult and especially with limited space.

Here is a great example of how our client incorporates the 5S system of visual management for Jack Stands into their mix. Improving organisation and efficiency without the need for more real estate.

No need to take up space on the floor or out the back. Making it quick and easy for technicians to carry out their day to day duties efficiently and effectively.

Not only is it a good way to organise space. The 15 & 25 tonne composite jack stands are so light and easy to pick up using the handle on the side. One person can collect them from their convenient location for delivery to the work bay. Therefore saving time and money with the additional benefits of ergonomics and manual handling safety.

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