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Composite Stands Vs Hot Wash

Can Composite Stands take the heat!

Composite Stands Vs Hot Wash

Recently Brad Harriage, Service Supervisor of Workshop Operations at Hastings Deering, Toowoomba carried out some empirical testing on a 25t Composite Stand in their Hot Wash for contamination control.

The stand washed for half hour cycles over a period of a week. It did not run all of the time although the lid was closed and it was constantly exposed to temperatures at around 80 degrees.

With a pleasing end result. No signs of damage to the soft parts of the stand, labelling and plastic covers etc.

Brad will now return the stand to our manufacturing facility to undergo further testing. This is to determine whether the heat affected its ability to support the designed overload capacity. In this case a minimum of 75 tonnes.

To be continued…

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