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True to form!

When Brad Harriage, Service Supervisor at Hastings Deering in Toowoomba conducted the empirical testing on our jack stand. The longevity of the label was our biggest concern. Up against heat and potentially the corrosive nature of the hot wash solution. The label, as with all of our parts, is a very important element of the...
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Otraco Sparks Interest

We’ve been on the road again. This time, in Western Australia. First stop, a World leader in Off-The-Road (OTR) tyre management, Otraco who operate across 50+ mine sites on three continents around the globe. Steve Turley, Superintendent Regional Operations Support invited us to meet the group at head office. Interested to see where Composite Stands...
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Composite Stands Vs Hot Wash

Recently Brad Harriage, Service Supervisor of Workshop Operations at Hastings Deering, Toowoomba carried out some empirical testing on a 25t Composite Stand in their Hot Wash for contamination control. The stand washed for half hour cycles over a period of a week. It did not run all of the time although the lid was closed and it...
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Wolf Contracting on Composite Stands

Late 2021, Wolf Contracting from Perth started a trial with Composite Stands in their workshop. Fast forward to now and this is what they have to say: We now use 35t composite stands to support the back end of Cat 773E rigid haul trucks while we are resealing the rear suspension cylinders. The light weight...
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WithSTANDing The Test Of Time

It’s approaching 4 years since Composite Stands were first put into service by our very first customer. They have over 100 of them in service throughout a very large Workshop that has over 20 bays. These stands are on high rotation, supporting hundreds of machines annually for routine maintenance &/or overhauls. Each machine typically weighs...
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Heat Work & Composite Stands

Alpha Contracting are protecting their Composite Stands with a heat-proof blanket while in use. This is during the line boring maintenance process on this Caterpillar D8T. Even with the extra step, these jack stands are quick and easy to set up. They provide the added benefit of safe manual handling for a single user. Saving...
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Updated Products List

We recently updated our products list to include a few items that have been on trial for a while now. Namely, the 12.5t Bucket Stand Wheel Kit (item no. 4). The 15t, 25t & 50t Square Hardstand Pads (item no. 22). The 15t & 25t Swivel Head (item no. 20) and 15t, 25, 35t &...
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Ready Set Go

We were on the road again last week. Travelling around Queensland this time. Luckily before the rain set in. Visiting and talking to customers and suppliers. One of the days we happened to be onsite when one of our trial packages arrived. I helped gear it up and get it ready for work. It’s common...
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Trial Packages

Last week Flynn and I assembled more trial packages in the factory. These packages consist of 8 x 25 tonne Composite Stands. They range from 400 mm through to 700 mm in height. The packages have a little bit of everything from our product range in this capacity. Including height adjusting inserts and a placement...
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Line Boring Maintenance

In the yard at Alpha Contracting, central Queensland. This Caterpillar D8T is set-up for line boring. 25 tonne Composite Stands at 700 mm tall support the job whilst maintaining. They are lightweight and efficient. With a composite “hard stand pad” (Outrigger) placed underneath the stand. Spreading the load over a wider area on the site...
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The Power of Composites & G.E.T.

G.E.T. is another great example where Composite Stands are used for dozer maintenance. Although the blade assembly weighs around 15 tonne, 50 tonne stands were selected by the customer. This is because the hydraulics on the machine are used to position the blade for maintenance. When powering down, the hydraulics could load the stands with...
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Kick Off 2022

We kicked off 2022 with another customer trial! 50 tonne composite jacks stands that weigh a mere 54 kg in use on ancillary equipment and in this case, a Caterpillar D11T. During this particular procedure there is a possibility that the operator can “power down” the hydraulics and lift the tractor up in the air....
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Composite Stands Play An Important Part

Composite Stands make lifting safer at Bundaberg Regional Council thanks to Andrew Railz, Independent Fleet Manager who referred the stands to Peter Stanton, Fleet Maintenance Coordinator at the Council. “The process started after a discussion between Councils Fleet Services division and Roads and Drainage Department about grader operators assisting workshop staff replacing grader cutting edges,” said...
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Face to Face Business

Finally allowed back into Victoria so we caught up with Lisa Watts from Komatsu in Campbellfield this week. Lisa is the Victorian Service Manager, her teams look after machinery in both the workshop and field service. It is so good to get back to face to face business. Also, great meeting you Lisa and thank you for...
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