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Over 18 Months of ongoing use

April 2019 – Composite Stands’ first customer has now been using their stands for in excess of 18 months.

Composite Stands is pleased to recognise our very first customer for the commercial sale of our products back in October 2017. They have been using Composite Jacking Stands now for 18 months at the time of writing this announcement.From their initial feedback and product trialling, they have worked with us to recognise the benefits of our products for its personnel and it’s business’s overall efficiencies.

They have progressed to ordering in excess of 80 stands from us now, ranging in capacity from 12-tonne to 20-tonne, along with our 5S Mounting Boards to store the Composite Stands on pallet racking directly adjacent to the maintenance bays where the stands are used. The 5S storage system has contributed to significantly reducing the time required to set up and clean-up the maintenance bays during the equipment overhaul activities, as well as cleaning up the workshop area in general.

5S Stand Storage Solution

The customer has now fitted out 20 equipment repair bays in their workshop. The General Manager has been so impressed with them, he submitted a proposal to the Senior Business Management, recommending their implementation nationally. The recommendation was based on safety improvements, productivity gains along with ongoing cost savings.

When asked, their Maintenance Manager said, “They’re just great, we had a few sceptics when they were first introduced, because of how light they are. But we have been using them now full time since implementation without issue. We have had all sorts of equipment on them, performing all types of maintenance work, they just work so well, and are so easy to move around”.

25T Composite Stands holding up ED10 whilst workers are on top and underneath the machine

Composite Stands produce a robust yet extremely lightweight jacking stand to safely support vehicles, machinery, vessels and equipment typically used for maintenance and/or storage purposes. Our goal is to design stands that address long-term human safety and ergonomic risks associated with stands, and in particular, higher capacity devices. We also aim to reduce your operational costs by improving productivity, after all, if we can’t save you money, we don’t deserve yours. For more information on our Composite Stands, please click here to request an onsite demonstration.