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Developed and made in Australia utilising patented composite technology, we produce a range of innovative lightweight Jack Stands to safely raise and support equipment during service and maintenance activities &/or storage.


Composite Stands are extremely robust yet very light-weight. They have been designed to reduce the risks associated with the manual handling of Jack Stands, in and out of position.

Our heaviest Jack Stand is rated to hold 75,000-kilograms (75 tonnes) at 1000mm high and weighs less than 60-kilograms.

Our 25,000-kilogram (25-tonnes) rated Jack Stands weigh less than 15.5-kilograms at 700mm high and our lower rated capacity Jack Stands of 15,000-kilograms (15-tonnes) weigh less than 10-kilograms at 700mm high.


Our Jack Stands have been designed to comply with the requirements of the Australian Standard AS/NZS 2538:2016. Each unit has been independently assessed and certified by separate university bodies in both NSW and QLD, Australia to provide you with the highest level of confidence.

Our unique patented composite upright column provides superior strength, resulting in an exceedingly lightweight and corrosion resistant product.


While we offer various off-the-shelf-height and rated Jacking and Equipment Support Stands. In addition, we also offer custom height and rated Jacking and Equipment Support Stands to suit your individual or business needs that are designed to comply with the requirements of the Australian Standard AS/NZS 2538:2016.

If you require a specific stand for your fleet of forklifts, vehicles, equipment, machinery, trucks, buses, cranes, marine, rail or aircraft, we can make a Composite Stand to suit.

The WORLDS LIGHTEST JACKING & EQUIPMENT SUPPORT STANDS that are proudly Australian Designed, Owned & Manufactured

Innovative designs and products that offer superior strength to traditional materials, at a fraction of the weight.