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February 2019 - sale of 1,000 Composite Stands

A recent Distributors order takes the total to 1,000 Composite Stands

1000th Stand SOLD:

Storage & Handling Facility

Our 1,000th Composite Equipment Support Stand was sold into the Australian marketplace. A success worth celebrating after working tirelessly since the business commenced with countless hours of research, product and material design, development and testing.

Advancement of Commercialisation:

We carried out customer trials which led to the advancement of commercialisation. Tried and tested in workshops around Australia for months at a time. Our customer’s feedback was invaluable. Especially that from the tradesman that used them on the workshop floor. This has been an essential component to mould and develop our foundation and future growth. 

Pleasing Results for Composite Stands:

Marking the milestone 1000th Composite Stand sale in such a short period of time is pleasing. Our product has only been on the shelf since late 2017.

As a result, our customers are expanding the use of our products in their businesses. Similarly, a growing interest from new customers as word of “The World’s Lightest Stands” starts to spread. With this new opportunity, we can continue to deliver a range of benefits to industry that is second to none.

Handle Fitting

Handle Fitting

Behind The Scenes:

We actively engage in product development and will enhance our current range with additional larger capacity stands.

Composite Stands produce a robust yet extremely lightweight Equipment Support Stand. Safely supporting vehicles, machinery, vessels and equipment typically used for maintenance and/or storage purposes.

Our long-term goal is to design stands that address human safety and ergonomic risks associated with stands. In particular, higher capacity devices.

We also aim to reduce your operational costs by improving productivity. After all, if we can’t save you money, we don’t deserve your money!