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5S Storage Solution

For Composite Stands

5S Storage Solution

It’s no secret that I am the kind of person who likes a well-organised workspace. Nothing kills productivity (and motivation) more than stopping to look for tooling to complete a frequent task.

Starting my working life as a Mechanic, taught me that efficiency was paramount in getting the job done. That was the motivation for designing a 5S storage solution for Composite Stands. It’s having the required essentials where you need them, when you need them and in an organised manner.

Being the lightest equipment support stands in the World for their rated capacity, allows them to be stored easily and accessed directly in the work area(s). Improving labour resource utilisation and increasing productivity, saving both time and money.

The equipment support stands in this video have a rated capacity of 15-tonne (15,000kg) and weigh in at just 9.2kg. During testing they held over 5 times their rated capacity, a whopping 90-tonne (90,000kg)!

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