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Wolf Contracting on Composite Stands

This is how we do it!

Wolf Contracting on Composite Stands

Late 2021, Wolf Contracting from Perth started a trial with Composite Stands in their workshop. Fast forward to now and this is what they have to say:

We now use 35t composite stands to support the back end of Cat 773E rigid haul trucks while we are resealing the rear suspension cylinders.

The light weight composite stands and trolley make it really easy to manoeuvre the stands into place with minimum effort. They eliminate the manual handling risk of heavy steel stands with bulky trolleys.

Having the correct stands for the job, gives us extra peace of mind that the back end of the truck is more than sufficiently supported. Allowing the suspension cylinders to be discharged safely, removed, resealed and fitted again.

Composite Stands | GET YOUR GEAR OFF the ground

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