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Updated Products List

Composite Stands Mar22

Updated Products List

We recently updated our products list to include a few items that have been on trial for a while now. Namely, the 12.5t Bucket Stand Wheel Kit (item no. 4). The 15t, 25t & 50t Square Hardstand Pads (item no. 22). The 15t & 25t Swivel Head (item no. 20) and 15t, 25, 35t & 50t Winged Swivel Head. These are now a part of the ever growing Composite Stands range.

Over the next month we will be working on the product pricing. It is due for a price rise because of supplier increases which we have been absorbing so far. From the beginning of April the updated price list will take effect. We will honour any valid quotes with the current pricing up until this date.

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