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Introducing Hardstand Pads

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Introducing Hardstand Pads

Field Service is an optimum location for the use of Composite Stands. They are light, safe and easy for technicians to use. We are also adding a “Hardstand Pad” (by Outrigger thanks to TVH) to our line up. This is to compliment our stands out in the field.

Designed to assist with load spreading that is encountered on uneven ground &/or rocky surfaces on hard stand work areas. Preventing point loading on the jack stand base plate. The ultimate jack stand combination for your crew to use while they are on the job.

The surface area of the pad is 500mm x 500mm. It’s thickness depends upon the rating capacity which is between 15t and 25t. They’re no more than 15kgs in weight. Easily stored in the back of a field service vehicle. No need for a trailer or a forklift.