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TVH New Zealand Launch

Forklift Jack Stand Kit

TVH New Zealand Launch

 New Zealand launch our Forklift Jack Stand Kits. SOLD OUT on day one! Orchestrated by the Managing Director, Brendan Chillingworth. The first sales have been to various Forklift companies including a major OEM service provider who stated:

“We see significant benefits in purchasing a rated and compliant product that is certified to the applicable regulatory standard. Providing additional safety to our service technicians and ensuring that we comply with our clients onsite requirements is top priority.”

Ideally, the kits are suited to Forklift workshops and service vans. This is due to the benefits and features of Composite Stands. The kit weighs in at just 5kg and each stand within the kit has a working load limit of 8,000kg. Ticking all of the boxes and making it a win win for everyone involved.




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