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Higher Capacity Stands

Easily Manoeuvred

Higher Capacity Stands

Moving a 75-tonne capacity Composite Equipment Support Stand, by hand. Once you have to move a product that is too heavy for one person to lift, you require other means. For example, a forklift.

So when our customers asked for higher capacity stands, I didn’t understand at first. To achieve the greater capacity we would require more materials, more steel, more composite, more of everything. Therefore, it would end up being a stand that is too heavy for someone to lift which was not our original concept.

I was finally convinced when they said yes, this is true, we still may require other means of getting the stand from A to B but you should try and move one of the traditional (steel) stands that last little bit into position!

And this is what we came up with… our stand can be easily manoeuvred from location A to B with a trolley. The rounded corners of the stand make it easier to roll into position by hand and being bottom-heavy makes it even easier to handle.


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