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Embracing the challenges!

And recognising the high points...

25 high points that got us through 2020

2020, the year that is was…

  1. Hastings Deering raise the bar;
  2. Composite Stands are in the field with Ditchfield Contracting;
  3. Hyundai Forklifts upgrade to Composite Jack Stands;
  4. Manufacturing Composite Stands within Australia;
  5. BIS Industries utilising the Composite Stands 5S Storage Solution;
  6. The Tradecore Industries Field Service Crew;
  7. It’s official and no longer patent pending;
  8. Hastings Deering using a 2.2m Composite Bucket Stand;
  9. TES a mining and earthmoving plant equipment specialist;
  10. Meet, greet and facility tour with TVH Wholesale in Brisbane;
  11. Hama Hydraulics are appreciating the light weight nature of our Composite Stands;
  12. Michael McNab and the maintenance crew from Komatsu;
  13. Equipment Placement is the type of business that think outside the box;
  14. Safety and performance meets functionality at Hastings Deering;
  15. We stopped by PERSAS for a meet/greet and facility tour;
  16. TVH have hit the ground running today with their sales launch;
  17. Barry Hebbard from Tradecore Industries and Shane Kowald from Thiess info session;
  18. Ditchfield Contracting identified that there was a risk for their Float drivers;
  19. Maintenance Manager from Ravensworth Open Cut stopped by to get a feel of our product range;
  20. To chain a D8T down on their float, DITCHFIELD utilise our 15-tonne jack stands;
  21. This mechanic who is undertaking her duties on the workshop floor;
  22. Here you can see Hastings Deering using Composite Stands;
  23. Testing a Composite Stand to DESTRUCTION;
  24. TVH New Zealand launch, SOLD OUT on day one; &
  25. The You Hire workshop team are reportedly “loving the stands”.

Special thanks to Hastings Deering, Ditchfield Contracting, Hyundai Forklifts, Australian Made, BIS Industries, Tradecore Industries, TES, Komatsu Australia, TVH Australia, Equipment Placement, Persas, Thiess, Ravensworth Open Cut, TVH NZ & You Hire.