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100,000kg Capacity Stands Are Heavy

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100,000kg Capacity Stands Are Heavy

100,000kg capacity stands are heavy and what you need to support this big fella! The challenge that we face in developing a rated Composite Stand to hold 100t may not be what you think. Making the composite column to support the load is something that we can do and in a few different configurations. 

The size of the steel base required to spread that load into the work surface. This will put us to the test. A base plate needs to be sufficient enough to spread that 100t load into the ground without point loading. Needless to say, that’s going to be a heavy piece of plate…

Therefore the challenge is not to end up with a product that is too heavy. Defeating the purpose of designing a lighter alternative. One that is safer and more convenient to use.

Yes, sure we have a composite column. But how do we get it to weigh a lot less than its steel rival with such a heavy steel base?

Watch this space!